Void of Sleep-Metaphora

I’m still out here surviving the great plague of 2020 by listening to some amazing metal.  As much as a shit show 2020 is turning out to be, the only real silver lining so far has been a slew of some pretty decent metal albums.  I’m happy to report that Void of Sleep is continuing this trend with their latest, Metaphora.

Void of Sleep comes out of the heavily CoronaVirus hit land of Italy and I hope things are not going too badly for the band during this horrific pandemic.  I first stumbled across these guys a few years ago with their last album, New World Order, and I was so impressed with that one that it made it into my Top 5 albums for 2015.  It’s been a long wait for the follow-up and the band is back with the same sort of grungy, Mastodon-influenced style of metal.  It doesn’t feel like this latest effort quite matches up with its predecessor in terms of quality, but overall it is still a solid and very enjoyable listen.  I think my only real complain is that the album feels a bit slight in length.  Seven total songs with two being short instrumental interludes.  Still, that’s nitpicking.  This is still an album worthy of your time.  And, lord knows, we all have tons of time to fill at this point.

4 flip flops out of 5

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