Testament-Titans of Creation

I really think we all take Testament for granted.  They have been an absolute model of consistency through their 30+ year career.  For whatever reason, they seem to be relegated to that “also-ran” status of established metal bands.  And it’s a damn shame because they have been releasing a string of amazing albums over the past few years.  I think we do these guys a great disservice by overlooking the absolute machine this entity has been over the course of their career.

Titans of Creation is their 12th proper album release and it sounds just as vital and aggressive as any of their early releases.  This is a clean and vibrant example of a professional thrash band firing on all cylinders.  Chuck Billy sounds as strong as he ever has.  He and Eric Peterson are one of the classic songwriting pairs in metal.  Alex Skolnick also continues to impress with his ability to deftly play some of the most creative and inspired lead guitar.  And the foundation laid down by bassist Steve Di Giorgio and drummer Gene Hoglan is simply massive.

Don’t sleep on this one simply because you have a pretty good idea of what you are going to get on this album.  This is thrash metal done by one of its originators and it is done very, very well.  Do yourself a favor and celebrate the legacy of Testament.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

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