Ulcerate-Stare Into Death and Be Still

It’s a bit of a dichotomy on this album.  On the one hand, you’ve got the title “Stare Into Death and Be Still”.  Bleak as fuck.  On the other hand, this band hails from New Zealand, which has handled the pandemic in more of an adult fashion than any other country on the planet.  Things are actually really positive in that country.  It’s amazing what having competent leadership in government and a unified national strategy can do.  I’m not bitter or jealous or anything like that.  I’m sure our orange turd is doing his best.

So, what the fuck?  Why the bleak shit, men of Ulcerate?  Shouldn’t you be a little on the positive side these days?  OK, OK, I know.  This is your gig.  It’s a bleak wasteland in which you wallow.  And once jumping into this latest cesspit of darkened sludge that is Stare Into Death and Be Still, I think you’ll actually enjoy the ride into despair.  Ulcerate has always been one of those bands that can craft discordant and unsettling songs that still remain somewhat weirdly calming.  This isn’t a hook laden album.  No catchy choruses here.  The songs are more atmospheric in their structure and I think that’s why I find Ulcerate’s music relaxing even though it is very extreme and very dark.  This will be another one that just pairs perfectly with the horrendous shitstorm of 2020.

4 flip flops out of 5

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