16-Dream Squasher

Just to clarify, 16 is the band name.  It could also reference the seemingly myriad number of influences that seem to compose this band’s signature sound.  This is very, very dirty music.  I was kind of shocked when I discovered that these dudes hail from Los Angeles.  I don’t think anything this sludgey sounding should come out of such a pristine environment as L.A.  This music feels like it was created in a swamp.  I’d call this mainly sludge metal, but there’s more than that.  As stated, there are a ton of different sounds composing these songs.  There’s a a good dose of Crowbar-ish sludge, a bit of hardcore punk, some retro psychedelics, a hint of some progressive moments and finished off with a Sabbatherian sheen that makes it all come together and feel familiar.

4 flip flops out of 5

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