Etherius-Chaos. Order. Renewal

Chaos. Order. Renewal.

I don’t know much about these dudes except that they hail from New Jersey and it feels as though they worship at the alter of Jeff Loomis. This is Etherius’ debut platter and it feels like primarily a showcase of the talents of guitarist Jay Tarantino. For the most part, this is a shredfest. Leads at the speed of the more hyperactive moments of John Petrucci. Plus, as a big positive, these guys know how to play an aggressive riff (which goes to the Loomis comparison). There are a few acoustic and flamenco-inspired prologues to add some variety to some of the songs, but as stated before, this is primarily an excuse to shred. And, shred they do. It feels like album is more for you hotshot guitarist enthusiasts out there than for more general consumption.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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