Municipal Waste-Slime and Punishment

Municipal Waste is a crossover thrash/punk, jokey good time sort of band.  They are here to party, drink all of your beer and make you giggle the entire time they are completely trashing your living room.  After hearing vocalist Tony Foresta and bassist Land Phil’s side project, Iron Reagan, put out a fun rocking slab of new music earlier this year, my hopes were fairly high that the main gig would also put out a really nice package of new tunes.  Sadly, once again, it appears that my high hopes have been dashed.

It really feels like this is a case where the side project is starting to outpace the main gig.  Iron Reagan and Municipal Waste play the exact same kind of crossover trash.  However, it just feels like the jokey vibe of the Waste is starting to wear a little thin.  With song titles such as Shrednecks (sigh), Bourbon Discipline and the title cut, you kind of get the drift of how deep the lyrical bent on this one is going.  The album is a total of 14 songs and clocks in at under 30 minutes.  Look, I get it.  It’s rollicking good time rock n’ roll.  But, it just doesn’t stick.  It’s like eating cotton candy.  Once it’s over, you aren’t satisfied and you just have this nasty sticky sweet residue in your mouth and you’re probably on your way to getting diabetes.

It’s not all bad.  There are some really catchy riffs on this thing and if Tom Araya ever decides to retire, Foresta’s angry bark vocals would be a perfect substitute.  These guys have talent (see previous review of Iron Reagan’s album from earlier this year).  I just think a little more effort could be put in to the songcraft.

2 flip flops out of 5


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